Fashion blogger Jessica Stein from Tuula

Fashion bloggers are a mix of inspirational and relatable.  Their style is admirable but not unachievable and that’s why we follow them.

The Twittersphere of Australian fashion is among the most insular of the Twitter communities.  Re-tweets, Twitter pics and hashtags are to bloggers what the LBD (little black dress) is to stylists – fundamental.

Although the blog itself is the primary media platform for a fashion blogger, it can’t stand alone without supplementary tools to create a cohesive online presence.  Think of the blog as the roof of a house held up by support beams like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Networking on Twitter

Twitter is vital in creating a community for fashion bloggers.  Although Sydney and Melbourne arguably get front row seats to the Australian fashion scene – L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – anyone can be a fashion blogger, no matter what city you live in.

What do you do when you can’t catch up on the new Spring Summer collections over a decaf soy skinny mocha latte in person?  You do it on Twitter.  Cyber love in the fashion world is as free spirited as the swinging 60s.  Like someone’s new post?  Tweet @them.  Coveting some new shoes?  Twitpic.  Got a media pass to a runway show? Hashtag.

Fashion blogger, Bianca Blades

Twitter love

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (#MBFW) held in Sydney last week is a great example of fashion bloggers using Twitter to market their online profile as well as contributing to the online fashion community.  It’s not enough to just post something to your blog anymore, you have to tweet it too.  Tweet a link to your new post, tag the photographer, hashtag the event and if you’re feeling particularly generous give your fellow bloggers a shout out on Follow Friday (#FF).  It’s all about the cyber love.

James Banham, fashion blogger