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I Tweet, therefore I am

Any fashion blogger worth her Chanel handbag knows that Twitter is indispensable in building a cyber presence and staying connected with other like minded bloggers.  But in the impatient world of Gen Y, even 140 characters can be too much to handle.  Enter Instagram.

Instead of relying on quick quips and intriguing one liners, photo sharing app Instagram allows users to create a beautiful image at the tap of a button and click of a filter.

photo from @honeybee_b on Instagram

Instagram it

Drinking a latte? Instagram it.  At the beach? Instagram it. Front row seats? Instagram it.  Everything looks better on Instagram.

Instagram’s popularity was inevitable; planted smack band in the middle of the nostalgic, Mad Men-loving, vintage-centric zeitgeist that dominates pop culture at the moment.  The use of old school inspired filters – Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, Toaster, Nashville, 1977 – has been ingenious and captured that hearts of (wannabe) hipsters Australia wide.

Image from @elinkling on Instagram

Art direct your life

“Do you love the fact that it lets you art direct your life?” a question posed by Paula Joye, Life & Style Editor of The Age about Instagram in a recent interview with model and fashion blogger Elin Kling.

Kling makes an interesting point when she says that Instagram is closer to real life in that it allows her to post things freely and in real time, unlike her blog.

Of course anyone can make an Instagram account but for a fashion blogger it’s a must.  It all goes back to creating an immersive online presence – imperative for any modern day writer.

Kling is right about the fact that Instagram does add an element of reality, where bloggers can connect with their audience by sharing aspects of their life.

What do you think, can Instagram ever be close to real life?