• Gig Review: Matt Corby @The Forum

    Who can resist a man with a beard? I certainly can’t.  Here’s a review of the Matt Corby gig last Tuesday where I mention his beard exactly 17.3 times too many.  Enjoy…

    Runner up on Australian Idol in 2006, he landed in at No. 3 on last year’s Triple J Hottest 100 and he has a spectacular array of facial hair.  He is, Matt Corby.

    Not that The Vulture is biased or anything (Matt if you’re reading, please take this ode as a marriage proposal), but Corby blew our socks off at The Forum last Tuesday.

    “Or maybe it’s just the fact that he has a fucking amazing voice.”

    Ex-Idol contest and now Triple J darling – it’s a hard transition to make but one that Corby has treaded relatively smoothly.  Maybe it’s the beard (enough about the beard!) or maybe it’s his soft-spoken aloofness that has allowed him to nestle into the hearts of hipsters Australia wide.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that he has a fucking amazing voice.

    Like that Triple J live recording where the Corbster basically looses his shit (musically speaking), vocally he does not hold anything back in his live performance.

    It takes you aback the first time that husky, guttural sound erupts from his mouth, belting across the microphone the sound was almost deafening, echoing around the tall ceilings of The Forum.

    As beautiful as The Forum is (hands up if you’ve lit one up in there?), the quiet nuances of his performance and the intensely emotional aspect of his music almost call for a more intimate setting.

    Much like his backyard Secret Garden shows, Corby is much better appreciated up close and personal.  But, unfortunately, a smaller venue wouldn’t contain the General Pants-clad-punters that came out in hoards to see him perform.

    Maybe we went into the gig expecting the wrong things, or expecting too much.  But when it comes down to it, Corby seems like a pretty shy fellow.  There was a bit of banter with the audience, mostly followed up by awkward shuffling and drunken teetering.

    So banter isn’t his forte, HE CAN’T BE GOOD AT EVERYTHING, OK? But the moment he started singing, everyone just shut up and just listen.

    What he lacks in eloquence, he makes up for in musical talent.  Every note he sings is filled with emotion. It’s captivating to watch.

    We dared anyone in the house to have a dry eye when he sang the song ‘June’ dedicated to his sick Grandmother.

    Though it may have been a mistake to play ‘Brother’ mid set, the gig closed on a high as Corby came back on to play ‘Souls A’Fire’ off his EP Into The Flame.

    The rest of the shows for The Winter Tour are all sold out, so you’ll just have to live vicariously through this review.  Or Youtube.

    First published on Vulture Magazine.

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