Shellac Print Gallery, High St

When my editor asked me to do a write up about the Northern Exposure Visual Arts Festival I was immediately intrigued.

The festival happens to take place in my old hood Northcote.  High St in particular holds a lot of nostalgia for me, so I thought I’d walk the walk and actually do the activity I’m plugging.

It was a beautiful winters day – there were coffees and banana pancakes to be eaten, vintage rags to be bought and Little Creatures to be drunk!

Morning coffee, Palomino Cafe

Coffee buddy, Natalie

Life drawing, Northcote Town Hall

Harmonica necklace @The Arts & Craft market, Northcote Town Hall

Outdoor Art Installation, choose a figurine & write a message

Outfit: Nique dress, Wittner boots, Sportsgirl peace necklace, D&G sunglasses, vintage rings, no name scarf

Love the Wet&Wendy AW12 collection!

Couldn’t resist a purchase from Dear Gladys

Outdoor art installation


Main image courtesy of Kelly Bartholomeusz.