• Welcome to my blog!

    I’ve always written.  Things for uni, things for work, things for myself.

    Having worked in the beauty industry for the past two years on the PR side of things, I couldn’t help myself, it was practically inevitable, that I jump the fence and start writing Beauty.

    But when creating the concept, I couldn’t stop at just one tab.  I wasn’t satisfied with just writing, or with just one topic.  Fashion was a natural addition, and Music a subject I could barely avoid.  Then Art reared its pretty little head, and practicality demanded Travel.

    So this thing became an amalgamation.  A blend of things that I like, things that look beautiful and things that interest me.

    The tone is cheeky, the look is seamless and the topic?  Well, that’s a little harder to pin down.  Welcome to Street Haus.


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