Beauty tips for when you’re hungover

A hangover.  When your head is throbbing, you have dark circles for dayze and you’re swearing off alcohol for all eternity.

We’ve all been there.

It’s a rough time all round, especially when you finally catch a glimpse in the mirror and the she-beast reflection isn’t exactly Kate Moss.

Don’t despair ladies!  Grab yourself the biggest bottle of water you can find and check out my cheat sheet to at least looking like you didn’t get home at 9am.

Sunglasses.  As my Mum often advises, sunglasses are often the best defence when your face just won’t cooperate.  When it comes to choosing the right pair, the bigger the better.  Warning: not for inside use.  No matter how blood shot those eyes may be, nothing excuses wearing sunglasses indoors.  You’re not Kanye, and you don’t want to be.

Blush.  Make up artist to le stars Max May once wrote that blush is the best trick for combatting dark circles under your eyes and I’m telling you, the man aint lying.  Choose a pinky tone and apply directly to the apples of the cheeks blending back towards the cheekbone.  The natural flush will make you look much healthier than you feel and the colour draws attention away from those dark circles that just won’t quit.  My go-to is NARS Blush in Orgasm.

Coke.  No, not the kind that model offered you last night in the bathrooms; the sugary kind Little Red sang about.  The kind that tastes sweeter than a chocolate bar and will dissolve the dirt right off your 20 cent coin.  It’s also the kind that will rot your teeth if drunk in excess but nothing perks you up better than a little sugar hit.  The cool kids drink it out of a can, but any medium will suffice.

Rep lipstick.  Probably the most versatile beauty product in your kit, a red lipstick suits all complexions, will brighten up even the most sleep deprived face and add polish and sex appeal to any outfit.  It can also double up as a blush if need be.  Apply to your peckers first then dab the tips of your middle fingers onto your lips then the apple of your cheeks and blend outwards.  I like L’Oréal Paris in Perfect Red – extra moisturising for dry lips.

Pain killerz.  Worst comes to worst, there’s always trusty pain killers to somewhat mask the dull thud of your brain trying to escape your head.


What are your beauty hangover cures?


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