Lipsticks for you, not your Grandma

I am a HUGE lipstick fan.  Always have been.  A gloss just won’t do it for me.

In fact, give me lipstick or give me balm, and nothing in between.

Certainly not a beauty buy reserved just for your Grandman’s Avon order, lipsticks now a days are silky smooth, long lasting, multi-talented and come in many more colours than just fuchsia pink.  Although fuchsia is a shade I rate big time.

Here are the top three lipsticks I’m coveting right now.

Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.24 pm

Lancôme Colour Fever in shade 262. This may be my ideal neutral shade!  The slight pink tones ensure the colour doesn’t sit flat and brings out the rose in my cheeks.  A little less than a 90s brown, a little more than a matte beige, this shade hits all the right notes and I’m loving the creamy texture.  Plus the packaging doubles up as a mirror for applying at the desk or on the go.  What more could a girl ask for?

Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.35 pm

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Crush 005.  I’m crushing pretty hard on this stain, excuse the pun.  I know, I know, I said before it’s lipstick for me or nothing else.  But that’s the beauty of this balm stain.  I get all the colour tenacity of a lipstick as well as the rich texture that gives that satisfying lip smack, plus I don’t have to reapply until well after my afternoon coffee.  I’m loving this shade for when I’m channeling a little Drusilla à la season one of Buffy – vampish, sexy and just a little bit dangerous.

Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.31 pm #2

Lancôme l’Absolu Rouge.  A true red, this baby will never let you down.  The colour is rich, vibrant and lasts surprisingly well even without liner and lip primer.   The texture is sumptuously moisturising and doesn’t require multiple applications for even coverage.  Perfect for vamping up an everyday outfit or adding class to an evening look, red is a colour I will always come back to time and time again.  A bonafide beauty staple!


What’s your go-to lipstick shade? 


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