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    Working with salon professional brands for the better part of two years did two things for me.  One, I became mildly obsessed with my own hair.  Two, I became very obsessed with other people’s hair.

    Working for a global beauty company, asking somebody what hair care they’re using, stroking someone’s hair nonchalantly while talking with them or being roped into being a hair model for some demonstration or other was par for the course.

    Hard habits to kick, I’m still fairly obsessed with hair health and thought a post about what’s actually the secret to having healthy hair was in order.  Maybe if I write about it I’ll stop touching strangers’ hair.  One can only hope.

    So here goes, top tips for having healthy, luscious, envy-invoking hair…

    Scalp is where it’s at.  It’s sort of obvious, in a not so obvious way – healthy hair starts at the scalp.  We’re often so consumed with our hair already on our head, we forget about where it comes from, the scalp.  Only if you have a healthy scalp can you grow healthy hair.  Create the optimum scalp environment for your hair to grow strong and healthy by cleansing properly.  Brush hair with a good quality bristle brush before washing to stimulate the scalp and awaken hair follicles.  In the shower, take the time to massage your shampoo into your scalp, getting right into the roots.  Use a clarifying shampoo every couple of washes or a shampoo especially for sensitive scalps to soothe any irritation.

    I like….Kérastase Paris Initialiste Scalp Concentrate, Shu Uemura Art of Hair Cleansing Oil Shampoo, De Lorenzo Tricho Natural Scalp Therapy Balance Toner.

    Prescriptions aren’t just from your doctor.  Your haircare regime should be prescriptive, tailored, just for you and your hair needs.  Sure, a little easier to self-diagnose than other ailments, it’s still something I would strongly recommend you consult an expert about. Ask you hairdresser what the best haircare solution is for your hair type and lifestyle.  If you have curly hair, you need lots of moisture that won’t weight down curls.  If you have fine, limp hair, your need a volumising range to lift hair at the root and nourish ends.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match from different haircare families either.  Maybe you need a shampoo to protect your colour but a mask to tame frizz.  It’s something your hairdresser will know like the back of their hand, so don’t be afraid to ask the question next time you’re at the salon.

    I use….Kérastase Paris Résistance Bain, Matrix Biolage SmoothPROOF Conditioner, De Lorenzo ET Equilibrium Protein Complex Spray.

    Regular Trims.  This is one we’ve all heard a million times, regular trims blah blah blah.  BUT, there is some truth in the adage.  I was always sold the promise that regular trims would make your hair grow longer, which always seemed counter intuitive to me.  How can cutting something make it longer? And the answer is, it won’t.  Cutting off split ends won’t make your hair grow longer, but neither will leaving them there.  Split ends left to their own devices will keep breaking and breaking, splitting further up the hair shaft.  This means your hair will only grow to a certain point and then no further, because the ends keep breaking off.  Cutting your losses so to speak will ensure the split doesn’t affect the rest of your locks and leaves hair free to grow to its heart’s content.

    I go to….Salon XVI or Xiang QV when in Melbourne and Murphy Gozzard Hair Community when in Sydney.

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    What are your methods for keeping healthy hair?


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