Why I love big bushy eyebrows

Size really does matter.  Seriously, the bigger and bushier the better.

We’re talking about eyebrows here people!  Take a moment to adjust your train of thought and fix your minds promptly on the only two caterpillars you’re ok with living on your face.

Too thin, too bushy, too fair, too long; just some of the many concerns women have when it comes to brows.  Thank god eyebrows also have trends, and the hottest trend for brows right now is Big and Beautiful.

For those like me who are blessed or cursed, depending on the opinion, with more than enough brow to go around, this is one trend I’m jumping on board with.

Big browed ladies the likes of Cara Delevigne, Camilla Belle and Jennifer Connelly are my eyebrow idols and have all embraced their natural shape and colour.

That being said, even the most buxom-browed women know the power of accentuating an excellent brow to add the finishing touch to any make up look.

Strong brows frame a face, and finding the right brow shape for your face is integral to nailing the trend.  For me, my brows are naturally square at the front with a strong arch and taper towards the ends.  I like to enhance the square shape by keeping the arch meticulously groomed.  My hairs are quite long so a wax or gel is essential to keep those bad boys in check.  Here are my favourite eyebrow utensils…

Photo on 2-07-2014 at 4.17 pm #2

For subtle definition….You can’t go past the Benefit Gimme Brow brow volumizing brow gel.  I use the darker shade on my black brows and the colour blends perfectly.  This is my go-to brow tool for everyday to keep my look natural and make sure my brows stay put.  The size and applicator are also perfect for travelling or throwing in your handbag.

Use this…. Everyday.

Photo on 2-07-2014 at 4.14 pm

For a feathered finish…. I like to use the Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette.  This palette comes with a light and dark shadow as well as wax.  I use the dark colour on my brows for a soft finish that compliments a smokey eye well.  Also great for filling in any sparse areas or gaps.  Use an angled brush or small tipped brush to apply and blend.

Use this…. to complement a smokey eye.

Photo on 2-07-2014 at 4.23 pm #2

For a brows that WOW…. Subtle is not always sweeter.  When I want immaculately defined brows I use Napoleon Perdis Browtox eyebrow gel.  The colour is a bit lighter than my natural shade but used all over it gives a nice tone.  It also comes with an applicator and comb in one so you can apply and blend as you go.

Use this…. for nights on the town.



What do you think of the big eyebrow trend?


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