• Travel Diaries: Spain. Part I.

    After what seemed like not enough time in London, I flew down to Seville to meet some lovely lads from back home in Melbourne.

    While travelling solo really is dope and certainly has its benefits, it was pretty sweet to see some friendly faces and have a killer gang with whom to roll around town.

    Seville is absolutely stunning; the quintessential Spanish town boasting incredibly warm temperatures that make siesta time unequivocally necessary.  The anarchistic and slightly off beat vibe of Grenada is infectious, not to mention the amazing Alhambra.  Valencia beach is Mediterranean life to the core and Barcelona is….well, Barcelona! What more can I say?

    Highlights: Park party in Seville, free tapas with beer in Grenada, first things first the realest oranges in the world in Valencia, my adorable crew of Frenchies and all night rages in Barcelona and SANGRIA.

    Lowlights: Lack of beach time in Valencia and Barcelona! Where the sun at, yo?

    Enjoy the visual delights here after.


    IMG_7946 IMG_7947 IMG_7948 IMG_7949 IMG_7951 IMG_7953 IMG_7956 IMG_7958 IMG_7960 IMG_7972 IMG_7973 IMG_7977 IMG_7981 IMG_7994 IMG_8007 IMG_8016


    IMG_8033 IMG_8034 IMG_8035 IMG_8038 IMG_8040 IMG_8041 IMG_8042 IMG_8043 IMG_8060 IMG_8065 IMG_8068 IMG_8076 IMG_8080 IMG_8081 IMG_8086 IMG_8087


    Check out Spain Part II for more sexy imagery.  


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