• Talking Beauty with Lisa Teh

    As part of my collaboration with fashion, beauty and lifestyle site Couturing.com, I spoke to the founder and always effortlessly chic Lisa Teh to see what it takes to be so stylish, so consistently.

    Having watched the progression of Couturing.com since its inception, it has been a pleasure to see not only the look and feel develop but also to meet and work with the bevy of talented guys and girls who create the content that goes up daily.

    Unlike the sweaty mess that is usually me running around backstage during fashion week, Lisa is always impeccably put together, from her luscious hair down to her manicured toes.  A big supporter of Australian fashion, especially up and coming talent, Lisa is also as down to earth as they come.

    Read my chat with the lovely editor below.


    Tell me a little bit about how Couturing began, what was the inspiration behind it? 

    I originally started my career in tax. As someone who was always interested in fashion, this meant I was always looking for a creative outlet. After starting my own blog, which focused on the business side of fashion, I began attending fashion events where I met my business partner Thom Whilton, who also had his own blog at the time. We clicked straight away and found that we shared the same views about blogging and digital media. We decided to join forces to create Couturing.com.

    How has the site progressed since you first started?

    The website originally started as a fashion focused platform which concentrated on creating original content and telling the stories behind people who were following their dreams in the fashion industry. From there it quickly grew, and we soon introduced beauty and lifestyle into the mix and brought on an amazing team of editors, writers and photographers, who have helped us make the site what it is today! I’m not working on Couturing full-time, so it’s been fantastic having such great Editors and writers to help us create up-to-the-minute content from Australia and around the world.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.23.41 am

    Your own social media community is quite prolific now, was that something that happened organically for you or was it more of an active pursuit? 

    With limited time, I find it difficult to focus on more than one social media platform at once. I’m currently obsessed with Instagram and think is a fantastic place to share what’s currently inspiring me. I’m definitely more of a visual person, so I love getting ideas for where to go, what to eat, what to wear and what I should be putting on my skin from Instagram.

    I won’t lie, it’s definitely quite time consuming trying to maintain an account, think of interesting and inspiring content and engage with the Instagram community, but I really love it as a medium, and have even formed friendships with people over Instagram!

    What are some of the coolest things that you’ve done working with Couturing.com? 

    One of the best things about Couturing is that it’s allowed me to meet so many inspiring people who are brave enough to chase their dreams. From designers, models and makeup artists, to PR’s, restaurant and bar owners, this country isn’t short of people who are willing to take the more challenging road in life, live outside their comfort zone and do something that they are passionate about.

    In terms of other highlights, being involved with this year’s Mecca Beauty Election was amazing. Going to Australian Fashion Week is always highlight, especially going backstage before and after the show to see where all the action happens. I also did a shoot recently with the amazing Liz McLeish from Street Smith which was lots of fun!

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    Who are some of your favourite Australian designers and why? 

    I love Australian designers. I feel like that have a particular aesthetic which makes them stand out from other designers around the world. I’m obsessed with Toni Maticevski’s designs. His work is like art. His fashion week shows are always a stand out too. He really knows how to emphasise the best parts of your body – and hide the not so good bits! He’s also one of the most down-to-earth, and genuinely lovely people in the industry.

    Where are some of your favourite shopping destinations?

    I love visiting Madame Virtue, which is tucked away on Crossley Street in Melbourne’s CBD. It’s owners JC and Dean are some of the most supportive people in fashion and they not only stock beautiful fashion forward designs from their own in house label Madame Virtue, but they have curated some of the best designer new, archival and vintage fashion pieces from around the world. I’m talking Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, you name it they’ve got it!

    Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.10.40 am

    During Australian fashion week I was in love with everything you wore, and you confessed to me that a lot of your outfits were from new designers.  Are you a big fan of emerging designers?

    I love wearing emerging designers. I feel their designs aren’t constrained by commercialism so they are free to create whatever they can imagine. My names to watch are Bei Na Wei (love her beautifully sculptured pieces), Minette Shuen (a master at the perfect cutout detail), Kaylene Milner (her knitwear is to die for) Casey Tanswell (the go-to label for classic, feminine pieces) and Leroy Nguyen (the man who has nailed neoprene).

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    I’ve never seen your hair and make up look less than perfect! What are your beauty product must haves? 

    Tough question! I love beauty products so it’s hard to limit it and I feel like I’m discovering new favourites all the time! Some of the products I’m loving at the moment are…

    Hourglass’ Illusion Tinted Moisturiser from Mecca is amazing for everyday wear. It provides a beautiful coverage without being too thick.

    For lip colour, I love NARS’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. The matte finish is beautiful and it stays on for hours. Dragon Girl is my favourite for a great classic red.

    Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Balm is a lifesaver for dry lips. It’s also great if you have particularly dry areas on your body such as cuticles, hands and elbows.

    I love a dark smokey eye and Stila Smudge Pots are some of the best in the business. You can draw it on with a liner brush for a defined winged eye, or smudge it up for a dramatic look.

    Fresh floral fragrances are my weakness. At the moment, my favourite is Inflorescence by Byredo. For a heavier floral scent, Byredo’s Flowerhead is also a winner.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.24.37 am

    Do you have any beauty tips for someone who is travelling all the time? 

    Hydration is the key! Particularly if you are flying which really dries out your skin. Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser from Mecca is a great travel moisturiser. It’s lightweight formula is luxurious in texture but absorbs into the skin quickly meaning it’s perfect for wearing under your makeup and rehydrating and rejuvenating your skin on a long flight.

    I find my hands always dry out when I’m travelling so it’s great to have a nourishing hand cream in your bag. Mecca’s Hands On Transforming Hand Cream is a great one. When you’re travelling, I also recommend carrying a mini anti-bacterial hand gel. Aesop’s Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash comes in a cute little travel-size bottle and doesn’t dry your hands out!


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