• My salon experience at Maison Tsumiki

    It may seem counter intuitive, but to be best in hair this season, put down your brush.

    Trends in hair change with the season, just like fashion.  Where beautiful hair was once synonymous with luscious Victoria secret curls, the cut due-jour is more on the minimalistic side.

    Sure, Kate Moss has been rocking grunge hair since before her first pair of Calvin’s, it’s only recently that not doing your hair transitioned from Courtney Love’s personal mantra to the only way to wear hair.

    I visited the new Maison Tsumiki salon in Melbourne’s recently unveiled Emporium to assess my own adaptation of the no-hair, hair look.

    Salon Art Director and personal stylist to Lorna Jane when she’s in Melbourne Chris Geracitano tells me that a lot of his clients are asking for this hair look, including Miss Jane!

    “A lot of my clients ask for a blunt cut that can be styled really effortlessly,” says Geracitano.  “A lot of people think you need a lot of texture to get that dishevelled look but it’s more about creating a soft base and then adding a texturised later.  You should be able to do it at home in no more than 10 minutes!”

    Chatting to Geracitano, I discover that there are four key elements to keep in mind when going for an effortless hair style.

    Head over to the Street Haus x Couturing.com collaboration page to check out the golden rules to achieving the undone hair look, published as part of my exclusive collaboration with the beauty and fashion site!


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