• The secret to effortless, wavy hair

    It’s taken some trial and error, but I think I’ve finally worked out how to get the perfect curl using my straightening iron.

    It’s the elusive at-home styling skill equivalent akin to a colourist achieving the perfect shade of blonde; many times you think you’ve got it, but often it’s just not quite right.

    As someone with naturally curly hair, who then blow drys and re-curls, achieving the perfect faux curl is paramount.  Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

    After much honing of technique, here are my steps for some seriously sexy curls.

    Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.44 pm

    First, take a small section starting at the front and brush smooth.

    Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.44 pm #2

    Next, place your straightening iron at the top of the section and twist inwards towards your face.

    Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.45 pm #2

    Slowly drag the iron down the hair, twisting the hand holding the iron outwards so the hair continues to curl in the same direction.

    Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.45 pm #5

    Allow the curl to cool then use a paddle brush to gently brush it outwards.

    Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.47 pm

    Finish with a light texturising spray like Kérastase Couture Styling Spray à Porter just on the lengths.

    Photo on 16-06-2014 at 7.47 pm #2

    Scrunch with your fingers for added texture.  Continue working in sections around the head until finished.

    Of course, using the right hair care for your hair type will always make styling that much easier.  I’m using a combination of strengthening and smoothing hair care products at the moment to save my damaged ends and encourage my unruly locks to be more ruly.

    And don’t forget ladies, use protect!  Heat protection, that is.  Make sure you prep the hair with a thermal protecting product to prevent heat damage.  I like ghd Heat Protect spray.



    A good hair foundation plus the above process is my curl secret, what’s yours?  Can you make babin’ curls with your straightening iron?



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