• The best Berlin fashion start-up

    After leaving my PR role at L’Oréal Australia, I took a somewhat exhausting, yet overwhelmingly exhilarating solo trip around Africa and Europe, landing in my current home base of Berlin, Germany.

    In this hedonistic place Europe forgot I quickly found myself in love with the city itself and unwilling to give it up.  A few hot seconds later I realised I was both enamoured … and broke. The perfect combination to kindle a fire underneath my dormant ambition. And then, there was AMAZE.

    I joined a small start up – the AMAZE app – from the idea’s inception in 2014, working collaboratively in a small team as a Creative Content Manager. The app is about inspiration and shopping – be inspired by the latest trends as curated by our team of fashion savoirs or shop outfits uploaded by fashion bloggers from around Europe.

    Each week we presented a new trend – from Vêtement on the runway, to 90s reborn as seen on the streets. Here’s a small collection of some of the best and personal favourites.



    What do you think? Which is your favourite collage? 


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