• How to look good naked

    I feel like I’m always preaching – either out loud or by the attitude I attempt to convey – body positivity and a feminist point of view. Especially when it comes to the female body.

    There’s of course a huge difference between what you preach and what you practise. So when my friend, photographer and gap-toothed legend Nick drunkenly proposed to me one evening at Berlin’s Weekend Club that he shoot me, I professed a loud YAS.

    He usually shoots “hot girls” and I had just spent the last half an hour chewing his ear off about real bodies and finding attractiveness in things that aren’t stereotypically portrayed to us the people as attractive. I could hardly say no to his offer.

    When it came closer to the day however, I did have some trepidations. Should I shave? What should I wear? Should I be totally nude? Should I wear make up? In the end, I decided on drinking a bottle of wine which I felt was the most appropriate answer to all of the above and everything in life in general.

    The real tell though was when I saw the final results. Generally speaking, I quite like my body. But when faced with a bunch of pictures of me half naked I found it pretty hard to put my money where my mouth was.

    Nevertheless in the spirit of following my own advice, I attempt to make good with the images and thank Nick for taking the time and helping me not be a hypocrite.

    13957567_10157324193590271_1394503014_n 13978101_10157324193605271_60591261_o 13987041_10157324193745271_139618034_o 13978135_10157324195335271_1000805334_o 13957620_10157324193740271_1304953614_n

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    1. September 19, 2017 / 5:15 pm

      You look beautiful in those pics. YAS to body positivity!

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