• My morning skincare routine

    As with all my beauty routines, I find myself in a constant rotation of what product best serves my skin at any given time.

    In the positively freezing German winter my skin is dry AF and it can feel like no level of moisture will ever satiate my sad, thirsty skin. In the precious summer, my skin is glowing but I’m constantly battling face sweat and the balance between too much and too little sunscreen.

    Add to that I’m starting to notice fine lines for the first time in my life – queue violin – and you have yourself a veritable mad house of skincare products.

    What I’m trying to say is, yes, this is my current skincare routine, but take everything with a grain of salt because it’s constantly fluctuating to suit my skin demands.

    First things first. I cleanse my face in the shower with La Roche Posay Tolerane hydrating gentle cleanser for dry skin.

    When I step out of the shower I immediately apply my Kiehls Hydro-Plumping re-texturising serum concentrate. This is targeted towards dull and tired skin and contain glycerin, which helps the skin retain moisture. Perfect morning pick me up.

    Whilst I’m brushing my teeth I spray a generous amount of the Mario Bedescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rose water. This is a bit of a cult item and whilst some may fairly rightfully argue, an indulgent extra step, I loves me some hydration and so does my skin.

    Next, just before I apply my makeup, I apply Nonique Intensive 24h Face Care moisturizer to my face and neck. This is marketed as a rich moisturizer for dry to very dry skin, however since its 100% vegan, I find it tends to sink into the skin very well and doesn’t leave any heavy or noticeable residue. It contains yummy natural ingredients like avocado oil, olive oil, vitamin E, aloe vera and Noni leaves.

    I’ll then apply either the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG from The Ordinary or Aesop Parsley Seed anti-oxidant eye serum underneath my eyes in an attempt to de-puff and combat these dark eye circles of mine.

    If I’m feeling extra dry (can you tell I have dry skin?) I’ll go in with another round of the Mario Bedescu facial spray but I’m also conscious of applying to many layer pre-makeup.

    Et voila! A lotta products but hey, what’s a girl going to do.




    1. September 23, 2017 / 6:35 pm

      Very nice routine, definitely might still some of your tricks!

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