• Does the Face Halo makeup remover actually work?

    I’m a longtime fan of Australian beauty Youtuber Chloe Morello and watch her videos pretty regularly. She’s refreshingly casual for a Youtuber and her colloquial ‘Australianisms’ remind me of home; so she’s got a lot going for her in my book.

    So when she posted about her new venture, Face Halo, I was pretty keen to get into it and see if the hype was real.

    What is a Face Halo? 

    Essentially it’s a small microfiber cloth that promises to remove all your makeup using only water. It’s re-usable for up to 200 washes and is machine washable. Each order comes in a pack of three.

    This claim is pretty incredible and apparently can be substantiated thanks to the HaloTech fiber strands which are 100 times finer than human hair. Water loosens your makeup and then the tiny fibers reach deep into your pores to remove and trap the makeup.

    How it works

    You simply soak the Face Halo in cold or luke warm water, squeeze out any excess moisture and then wipe to remove makeup. Following the instructions in the package, I start with the eye area, pressing gently and holding for a few seconds before wiping away.

    The whole process takes about five minutes and I tend to use both sides to remove an entire face of makeup. I then scrub the Face Halo with hand soap and warm water to remove any residue and leave to dry for the next day.

    In conclusion

    I’ve been using the Face Halo for about three weeks now and whilst I’m not 100% sold, I’m slowly becoming a convert. I LOVE that I don’t have to use product to remove my makeup and how quickly it works. I’m also a fan of saving the planet and avoiding cotton face pads.

    Slight drawbacks for me are that it’s a little difficult to remove eye makeup, especially mascara and I find I do have to rub my skin a little to remove everything. This is not ideal, especially around the eye area where skin is extra delicate. I also find it kind of annoying to have to scrub and wash the Face Halo after every use.

    These are however minor drawbacks in my opinion. Overall I would totally recommend buying the Face Halo – especially when it comes to travelling, you can save on so much packing space leaving cotton pads and make up remover behind.


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