• Munich in Winter

    Hailing from the Land Down Under, not often in my life have I encountered winters where a temperature like -17 degrees celsius is considered ‘normal’. Let’s be real, even though I’m from Melbourne (at the very bottom of Australia), we rarely if ever experience sub-zero temperatures. And when we do, it’s on the news. Seriously, that is newsworthy information where I’m from.

    So when I moved to Munich I was, lets say, shocked to learn that snow really does settle on the ground and no, work is not cancelled when it gets too cold.
    Whilst I cannot agree with the whole ‘still having to go to work’ thing, I have sort of wrapped my head around winter dressing.
    It includes, lots of knit jumpers and most essentially, shoes that do not slip.

    Photography by Alex. 


    Wearing: Burberry trench, H&M jumper, Levi’s jeans, RM Williams’ boots, Maria Black jewellery.




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