• How I bought my first designer handbag

    I bought my first designer bag and I’ve been carrying it around ever since as if it were my newborn child.

    I’m constantly trying to live my best luxe life on a normal salary. A feat made even harder considering I work for a luxury e-commerce retailer so I’m constantly surrounded by Prada, Gucci and Fendi, oh my!

    Besides that, it seems like every girl and her miniature poodle has a designer bag these days. It just takes one scroll on Instagram to be inundated with some ingénue carrying a Dionysus or a Faye.

    Perhaps because Instagram is filled with so much aspirational content, owning a designer bag of my own always seemed like a distant, future and far off reality.

    But whilst I am by no means ‘rich’, I also have a full time job for which I earn a not unreasonable salary … and so I thought to myself, hey, why can’t I join the fash pack too?

    After some calculated saving and timing – aka, waiting for the sale period – I finally took the plunge and invested in an haute-bag of my own.

    The bag 

    As a first foray into the designer universe, I wanted something I could actually use. Something practical, something chic, and something that I could be relatively certain I would be using for years to come.

    As a huge fan girl of Balenciaga, I thought it was as good a place as any to begin with. The butter-soft calf leather of the tool satchel leather tote was calling my name. The XS size was a deliberate choice, to force my hand in leaving unnecessary items at home. I’m looking at you extra hairbrush, two pairs of sunglasses, giant wallet and over ear headphones. But also, let’s be real, the smaller size boasts a significantly smaller price tag.

    I also loved the old school lunch box style of the satchel. It reminds me of vintage brown paper bags, rolled down and taken by the hand to the school yard.

    The lining is a beautiful mahogany colour in ultra-soft suede.  The strap is the perfect length to wear cross body; the bag sits perfectly on my hip. Stamped on the front with the Balenciaga logo in gold, it’s honestly everything a girl could dream of for her first.


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