• What’s so good about The Base by Lara Bingle?

    Don’t ask me why, but I have always been a big fan of Lara Worthington née Bingle.

    Actually, if you did ask me why – let’s assume you have – I would probably say it’s because she cops a lot of shit from Australian media and the public for simply living her life. When she was younger, she was accused of all sorts of things women are often accused of, and vilified for reasons I could never understand. It’s like society was mad at her, as if she’d promised us she would find world peace or cure cancer and instead was just a young girl pursuing her career in modelling.

    In my opinion, she has never claimed to be anything but herself, and I admire that. It doesn’t hurt that that ‘self’ is incredibly beautiful, has killer style and makes being a mother and business woman look easy. I rate her in the same way I rate Kim Kardashian, but that’s another story for another blogpost.

    Anyway, when LB first launched The Base I was understandably over the moon. Unfortunately at that time I had just moved to Berlin and frankly, didn’t feel like paying international shipping.

    But! Since being back in Australia I have, of course, dipped my toe into the tanning and cosmetics line, which has since expanded, and have been pleasantly surprised.

    The LB Cream

    I think this product was part of the initial launch and is the hero product of the cosmetics collection. It claims to be a cosmetic-skincare hybrid that acts as a primer or foundation to even out the skin tone, hydrate and nourish and leave you with a super-human glow. It comes in five shades – the darkest being ‘Tan’ – and has SPF 15. I have the shade Caramel which is a pretty good colour match for my olive complexion.

    I have to say, this product pretty much lives up to its promises. It is such a beautiful, lightweight base to wear on its own during summer. I love that it contains SPF but does not feel oily at all. In fact, it has a slight powdery look and feel when it dries down, whilst still letting the skin’s natural radiance shine through. The coverage is pretty low so I would say, wear this when you’re having a pretty good skin day or underneath your foundation for extra coverage and sun protection.

    Shimmer Illuminator

    This is marketed as a ‘multi-purpose’ product which can transform your skin. Essentially, it’s a liquid highlighter. It comes in two shades, Shimmer, which I have, and Bronze. The Shimmer shade is actually very pigmented, and has fairly pink undertones. In my experience, it doesn’t sit very well on top of makeup as a highlighter. Whenever I applied it when a damp beauty sponge or my fingers, the product was so wet it just made a visible mark in my base underneath. Once it dries down it tends to stay in one place, which can be good or bad depending on how you see it. My favourite way to use this is to mix it in with my base product. It works particularly well with the LB Cream and adds a visible glow to the skin. I would recommend mixing two parts of your base product with one part of the illuminator for ultimate lit from within vibes.

    Lip-To-Cheek Tint 

    I bought this in the shade #90 Burgundy because I thought it would be a nice, vampy addition to a summer look. It contains Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract so feels quite nice on the lips. Unfortunately the shade is not as dark as I’d hoped and the consistency of this product is quite watery. Which means it does give a lovely, love-bitten tint and is easy to apply to the lips using fingertips. But when it comes to applying this to the cheeks, I encountered the same problem as I did with the illuminator. The formula is quite wet and I felt as if it disturbed the makeup underneath upon application. I think this would work best when applied on bare skin, as in, skin with no makeup. I think this product is perfect for going to the gym or to the beach, when you just have a bit of moisturiser or sunscreen on your skin and you want to add a tiny little bit extra oomph to fool people into thinking how naturally effervescent and flushed you look.

    Over all, I’m not mad at The Base at all. The LB cream is a huge hit in my opinion and I frequently mix the Illuminator into all my base products to add some glow.

    I’m really curious to see if Lara adds some more heavy-duty products to the line, like a foundation or concealer. In the meantime, I’m going to continue my life as a huge LB fan girl and stalk her on Instagram until the cows come home.


    Have you ever tried The Base? What are your favourite products? 


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