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    Ok, so I’m kind of a lazy person. I hate taking out the rubbish, flossing is a DRAG and oh yeah, I also really don’t have time for changing my jewellery. 

    To that end, I like to have a solid rotation of daily jewellery pieces as my staples. I don’t really like bracelets because I work in an office and they get in the way of my super speed typing. Earrings and rings are more my jam and I’m not fussed about mixing materials or colours. In fact, gold, white gold and silver is my preferred trio.

    Two of my most beloved pieces are from my mum. A necklace of hers that she bought when she was my age never leaves my neck and is hands down my most complimented piece. 

    I also wear her wedding ring from her first marriage (to my dad) on my left pointer finger. It was designed by her and reminds me of my family even when I’m on the other side of the world. 

    All my other pieces, whilst I do have some favourites that would be missed if they were to be lost, are a little more flexible and I tend to rotate them out every 6 months or so. 

    So, when it came time for my most recent bi-annual rotation, I wanted to invest in some smaller, more unique brands. I do have some funky, standout earrings from the likes of Mango or H&M, but the quality just isn’t there and they always end up hurting my ear sooner rather than later. 



    It was on this hunt that I stumbled across Danish brand Jukserei. Their head office is in Berlin and having met the lovely ladies and gents behind the scenes, I got some insight into their design process. They don’t work in seasons, but design whenever the inspiration hits and always produce in sterling silver and gold. Tick and tick. 

    I spoke with founder Chanette Anderson about her most recent collection which is compromised of some more chunky standout pieces combining matte and high polished 24k gold plating. 


    Tell me a little bit about the story behind the brand…

    I founded Jukserei in 2012 in Berlin, but I have been making and selling jewelry since I was young. It started as a part time thing, but pretty soon the demand grew and grew so I was lucky enough to be able to make it my full time job.  ‘Juks’ actually means stuff in Danish. That’s what my Dad once called my creations when I was younger. I combined the Danish “Juks” with the German ending “erei” which Germans use to describe many specialist manufacturers, like a rosterei or brauerei.


    What’s the inspiration behind the new collection? 

    Some people find inspiration from nature, but I love to dig into the materials themselves and see how I can present them in different ways by exploring size, shape and the method of production.  I have so many favourite pieces from this collection because I think it is one of the strongest collections we have created so far.  I’ll definitely be wearing the Icon hoops as well as the Rope necklace.


    What kind of person do you envision wearing Jukserei?

    It has always made me very proud to see how many different types of people we reach out to all over the world. This collection is chunkier than the previous ones and it should be interesting to see if it will even catch the attention of new customers who haven’t worn Jukserei before.  


    I wear the large ICON HOOPS in gold.

    Thanks to Jukserei for gifting me these earrings and for the interview.


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