• Bringing back double denim

    Call it a Stranger Things obsession, call it nostalgia fever – whatever it is, my love for double denim is here to stay and I’m into it.

    I think we can all agree that jeans are the ultimate go-to for throwing on and feeling slightly more presentable than if you were wearing sweat pants. Yes? Yes. Ok, so if we can agree on that, than surely adding one more item of denim to an outfit can only make that much better?!

    Look, maybe she’s reaching here with this theory but the bottom line is that denim is bomb and it really is for everyone. Find your perfect cut and colour and a good denim item will stay with you for years.

    These pair of Levi’s are abolutely that to me. Old faithfuls that I will not be Marie Kondo-ing anytime soon. This jacket is a piece I bought at a Berlin flea market years ago and is the ideal lightweight summer evening cover up.

    Wearing: Levi’s wedgie fit jeans, H&M crop top, vintage jacket, adidas originals sneakers.

    Shop the entire look here.


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